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Author: Bob

First Principles of Impact for the Multifamily Industry Chapter 1: Affordability

As impact investing and Environmental, Social and Governance principles begin to take root in the multifamily industry, more and more business leaders are looking for guidance on how to build sustainable impact frameworks within their own companies.

While each organization is unique in the value it creates, there are some key “first principles” that all organizations should adhere to in order to raise the standard of impact and ensure the industry is prepared to withstand the additional scrutiny that is sure to come from investors and the public sector.

A Blast from the Past

Because it’s my birthday, we are taking a break from providing new content this week. However, as we cross the one year mark of the pandemic – with light on the horizon – I thought it would be nice to look back at an article I wrote in Affordable Housing Finance last summer.

The piece looks ahead and focuses on ways in which the multifamily industry can deliver social impact and support renters in a post-pandemic world. Even with all that has happened since I wrote the piece, I think it still resonates. I hope you enjoy it and would welcome any comments.